Mobile Herd

Data on the Hoof - Collecting Herd Management Data amongst the Cows.

If you want a quick, simple and easy way to add events and view animals in your herd, then look no further.

MobileHerd is a service which has been created to allow farmers and advisors to access animal data and record information whilst out and about on the farm.

MobileHerd as an iPhone, iPad and Android App features:

  • Securely download herd's information to your iPhone, iPad or Android device
  • View animal records at the touch of a button
  • Add individual animal events, as they happen
  • Links to breed societies and BCMS, are available
  • Synchronise MobileHerd data, with central database
  • View day to day reports for animals which are due to calve, serve, PD or dry off
  • Internet connection is only required for synchronisation
  • Available free for iPhone, iPad and Android from the App Store


The free MobileHerd app helps you manage your herd out and about.
Step by Step Guide.

  1. Download free for iPhone and Android from the App Store. For assistance refer to the CIS Mobile Herd User Guide.
  2. Enter our herd number and PIN, if you have not yet received one from CIS please contact your CIS Area Manager or call us on 01923 695319
  3. Select the Sync section and ensure Sync is updated for Herd Info, Support Tables and Events
  4. You will be able to view up to date data through the Herd option and manage the herd through the diary
  5. Additional options on the app include request events, submit feedback and area manager contacts

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email