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The Cattle Information Service (CIS) offer a range of services providing data to make informed decisions about current and future dairy herd performance.  Involving all the leading dairy cattle organisations, the objective is to improve standards of service, accuracy and value throughout all herd management information practices focused on breeding, health, management, profit and service.

CIS analyse milk, blood or tissue samples to provide insight on dairy herd performance supported by field team of Area Managers and privately owned accredited laboratory.  The services provided by CIS are offered without any contracts keeping it simple to use the services and access data on the secure online portal YourHerd or via the MobileHerd app.


Milk Recording
A number of packages offered from a simple DIY system to full milk recorder service, with reports supplied within 24hrs of sample receipt.
Health Testing
A milk sample holds a wealth of health information for herds.  CIS provides insights from milk, tissue and blood samples to help manage herd.
This service helps identify the animals with the greatest potential in the herd ensuring breeding decisions match the goals of the herd.
Cell Count
Helps pinpoint the high cell count cows in the herd to avoid milk penalties.

From timely breeding to pregnancy confirmation to successful calving, PregCheck is non-invasive and hassle free by testing samples from milk recording.
Pedigree Packages
The pedigree packages offer, for a single fee, milk recording and female pedigree registrations.  Enhancement to CIS Pedigree Complete is also available.
CIS Laboratory
An internationally accredited laboratory based in Shropshire that uses state of the art equipment ensuring milk samples are analysed uniformly to extract a wealth of information.
CIS Data Links
The CIS services are compatible with on farm and advisor software.  YourHerd can be used as a standalone tool or used in conjunction with software that is already integrated on farm.
The web based YourHerd management has   enhanced the power of CIS milk recording systems.  A secure login displays the whole herd or individual cows performance.
The App for iPhone or Android enables data to be collected and analysed whilst out and about on the farm with the herd.  It is quick and simple to use for farmers and advisors.


CIS was awarded both the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the category of innovation and the title of Livestock Supplier of the Year in the annual business awards organised by the Scottish Farmer and the Royal Highland Agricultural Society.

CIS continually invests to enhance and improve the services, therefore assisting dairy farmers to rapidly identify areas of strengths and weaknesses within herds to improve their physical and financial performance.

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