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Industry Embraces New Johne’s Tracker

Dairy management companies, including milk recording organisations NMR and CIS, have embraced a new Johne’s progress tracker developed by the Johne’s Action Group.

CIS Employee Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Liz Brown began her career on 28 June 1971 as a milk recorder for what was the Scottish Milk Marketing Board. Over the 50 years, Liz has worked closely with numerous dairy farms a

23 Jun 2021

Industry Support For New Approach To Johne’s Test Interpretation

Johne’s Action Group see's full support for the new Johne’s Tracker which will provide vets and farmers with a powerful tool for interpreting Johne’s test results.

What is Neospora

Neospora Caninum is a protozoan parasite that is an important infectious cause of weak calves and abortion in cattle.

17 May 2021

CIS Farmer Focus: A Struthers & Son, Lanarkshire

Third-generation farmer David Struthers runs two family dairy herds, with his father, in Lanarkshire.

17 May 2021

CIS Farmer Focus: Paul Cashmore, Staffordshire

An inspiration to the next generation is Paul Cashmore who farms a council holding in Staffordshire.