Data Links

CIS services are compatible with on farm and advisor software

One of the great benefits of recording with CIS is that the herd management programme YourHerd can be used as a standalone tool or be used in conjunction with software that is already present on farm, or used by your advisors.

The CIS strives to be compatible with all on farm software, and link to the majority of parlour software available in the UK.

Data Links

The CIS has developed two-way data exchange links; you choose the software that suits your individual needs.

Independent Software Companies
  • Cow Alert
  • Cow Manager
  • DairyComp305
  • HerdLync
  • Interherd
  • Interherd +
  • Kingswood
  • Orchid
  • SenseHub
  • Silent Herdsman
  • Sum-It
  • Uniform Agri
Parlour Links
  • Boumatic - Herd Matrix
  • DairyMaster - MilkManager
  • DeLaval - Alpro/Delpro
  • Fullwood - Crystal and Merlin
  • Lely - Robots
  • GEA Westaflia - C21 & DP5

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email