The CIS Genomic service enables you to identify your best future herd through hair and tissue sample of your female animals.

Genomics helps identify the animals with the greatest potential in the herd. Our Genomics service is offered without any contracts keeping it simple to use and you can access results on our secure online portal YourHerd or via the MobileHerd app.

The results give you the potential to develop traits such as longevity, fertility and disease resistance.

All results can be viewed on the secure web-based YourHerd portal.

Genomic testing is available for pedigree Holstein, Friesian, Jersey and Ayrshire breeds.

CIS genomic tests include:

  • Genomic production, type and management traits 
  • High Density (HD) chip
  • Free genetic traits (e.g. Blad, DUMPS and Haplotypes) included

Additional options include:

  • GTPI evaluations (for an additional fee)
  • Additional genetic and diagnostic tests can be tested at the same time, or in addition to the genomic test (see additional documents for full list)

* Genomic test not currently available for the Guernsey breed.

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email