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06 Feb 2017

The Last 45 Years

A lot has changed in the last 45 years, milk was 5p per pint, a pint of beer 20p and to buy a mobile phone you would have needed £2,300! Liz Brown, CIS Regional Manager for Scotlan

05 Feb 2017

Diversification at the farm gate

The Crickmore family have been farming the land at Fen Farm for three generations and believe they have rediscovered something that many have forgotten. That the very best food in

02 Feb 2017

CIS Strengthens its Milk Recording Team with New Assistant Area Manager

The Cattle Information Service (CIS) is thrilled to welcome new dairy expertise to its team with the appointment of Amanda Wilkes as Assistant Area Manager.

01 Nov 2016

The Value of Pedigree

Q & A with Mark Davis, Kivells. We spoke to Mark Davis from Kivells to find out the value of pedigree in animals going to market. Mark, who operates from the Exeter Livestock Ce

10 Oct 2016

Richard Harrington - BVDFree

With a large proportion of their surplus stock market based within Scotland, the team at Birds Hill Farm knew that moving the focus to a demonstrable herd health status was a must.

06 Sep 2016

Using Genomics as a tool to benefit dairy business

Using Genomics as a tool to benefit their business is the route being taken by CIS customer and Arla members Roger and Tom Hildreth of Curlew Fields Farm, Hessey, York. The farm,