YourHerd Dairy Management Programme

The web based YourHerd management programme enhances the power of CIS milk recording systems.

With tools that encourage farmers and their advisors to view the complete picture of the herd and investigate individual cows, YourHerd allows essential management decisions to be made without the need to spend valuable time searching through information from several different sources.

A secure YourHerd login displays the whole herd and individual cow performance.  YourHerd can also be used as a complete herd management program at no extra cost.

YourHerd benefits:

  • 24/7 access to input events, register new births with BCMS, access breed society links, download reports and register movements.
  • Benchmark your herd and track performance within a region and nationally.
  • Meet Farm Assurance legislation with linked movement book and medicine records
  • Short and long term production planning tools
  • View day to day action reports
  • Track herd health and monitor disease prevalence
  • Access is complimentary for all CIS customers
  • Also available is the MobileHerd app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices whilst out and about on the farm

Login to YourHerd to display the whole herd and individual cow performance. 

View the CIS YourHerd User Guide

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email