The PregCheck Service Offers Non-Invasive Pregnancy Testing


Managing the reproductive cycle for your herd.

From timely breeding to pregnancy confirmation to successful calving, PregCheck is a critical component for today’s dairy farms. The service is non-invasive and hassle free by testing samples from milk recording.

The milk pregnancy test is based on ELISA technology and detects the presence of Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs) in the milk sample. It has a 98% level of accuracy. The CIS PregCheck service is offered without any contracts keeping it simple to use and you can access results on our secure online YourHerd portal or via the MobileHerd app.

PregCheck Service:

  • The least invasive form of pregnancy testing
  • Sampling program can be done during routine milk recording
  • Most effective in regular milk recording herds with accurate breeding and service data
  • Up to three tests may be defined per lactation – post service, midterm and before drying off
  • The first test can be used from 28 days after service to identify open cows and 60 days after calving
  • Results will be positive, negative or recheck
  • Rechecks (inconclusive tests) are free of charge
  • Results can be viewed on the secure online YourHerd portal or MobileHerd app

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email

CIS & IDEXX Pregnancy for Profit Webinar

The CIS & IDEXX Webinar provided information to learn more about heat expression, fertility, and pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAG) detection in milk samples for pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cows. The webinar guest speakers are Hilary Dobson, Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool and Owen Atkinson BVSc DCHP MRCVS Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons recognised Specialist in Cattle Health and Production.

The CIS and IDEXX webinar covered key areas:

  • Heat expression, detection and PAG testing
  • Economic importance of getting cows in calf
  • Pregnancy success dependencies
  • Vets perspective on the use of PAG testing

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