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29 Jun 2020

New Countdown to UK Dairy Day

A new countdown starts for UK Dairy Day; instead of being just over 2 months away sadly we now have to wait another 14 months for the dedicated dairy industry event to return to Te

Pregnancy Diagnosis in Dairy Herds

With government guidelines related to social distancing it is important to remain focussed on herd health and the timely pregnancy diagnosis (PD) of dairy cows. Read more..

14 Apr 2020

Dairy Industry COVID-19 Supply Challenges

As a result of COVID-19 we are aware a number of CIS customers are being affected by changes to terms of their supply contracts and reduction in milk collections.

27 Mar 2020

Farm Movement Letter

Farm workers who need to travel to and from work are advised to have a letter explaining why they are travelling during this period of 'lockdown'. Read more...

24 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Statement

In light of new Government Guidance, it is important that The Cattle Information Service (CIS) protects the health of our employees, contract milk recorders, our customers and cons

Farmer Focus: P M Bradbury, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Second generation dairy farmer Paul Bradbury farms in partnership with his wife, Dee, and son, David, milking 130 Holstein Friesian cows under the Brookroad prefix, which calve all