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24 Jan 2020

Scam Phone Calls

It has been brought to our attention that a number of scam phone calls are being made advising farmers they need a Johne’s test. We believe this to be a Russian company claiming to be CIS. If you receive a call believing it to be a scam please hang up immediately and call CIS on 01923 695319 or contact your local CIS Field Manager.

05 Dec 2019

Farmer Focus: Quintrell Jerseys, Cornwall

The Quintrell Herd was established in 1975 by John and Jenny Colwell when they gained their first Cornwall Council tenancy at Quintrell Downs near Newquay. Managed full time by son

05 Dec 2019

UK Dairy Day Competition Winner

Congratulations to Jess Tapp on winning the CIS/IDEXX competition at UK Dairy Day. Read more...

12 Nov 2019

Farmer Focus: Firm of C & L Mair, Dumfries

In 1971 Townhead Farm was purchased by Colin Mair’s father and now Colin and his wife Loraine milk 250 cows, of which two thirds are Holstein and one third Ayrshire. They use the C

Testing for Johne's Disease

Johne’s disease is a fatal wasting disease of cattle, and is an increasing problem on farms across the UK. Dan Humphries from Leonard, Lambert & May Farm Veterinary Surgeons gives

29 Oct 2019

ICAR Certificate of Quality

The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) is the global standard for livestock data. CIS have been awarded with the ICAR CoQ since it began in 2006. The CIS laborator