03 Jul 2016

We're supporting BVDFree England

One of the biggest disease issues facing the UK cattle industry is BVD.  As a result a number of the devolved Governments have put in place eradication programmes. The CIS laboratory at Telford has been undertaking health testing via tissue, milk and blood and is a designated lab for all current schemes – this now includes the BVDFree England launched as a voluntary scheme on 1 July 2016 aimed to mirror other schemes already running.  The focus is on providing a central resource where people can store their test results in a  searchable database thus allowing possible purchasers and interested parties to make informed decisions. Discussions are also on going as to how producers in Wales can work on a national eradication programme.  It is recommended that all results from health testing analysis are discussed with your veterinary surgeon before action is taken.

For more information on BVD CIS Tissue Analysis please contact Kate Cross katecross@thecis.co.uk or speak to your area manager.