10 Oct 2016

Richard Harrington - BVDFree

With a large proportion of their surplus stock market based within Scotland, the team at Birds Hill Farm knew that moving the focus to a demonstrable herd health status was a must. When BVDFree went live in England at the start of July the herd was one of the first to sign up to the scheme recognising the value of having a central scheme to help them display their BVD test results to any potential purchasers. 

Milking just over 300 Holstein cows on the 270 acre farm near Dalston, Carlisle the herd is year round calving. The herd values the data produced from their recording and see any additional aspects that improve the profitability of the business as ‘added value’.

Working closely with CIS Area Manager Stacey Creighton the team at Birds Hill are keen to ensure the next generation of animals on the farm are disease free allowing them to reach their full potential.