20 Jul 2020

RABDF Gold Cup Winner

Congratulations to Firm of Bryce Sloan on winning the RADBF Gold Cup at Dairy-Tech on Wednesday 5th February 2020.

Bryce and Robert Sloan are one of The Cattle Information Service's longest standing milk recording customers and a member of Holstein UK. 

Robert Sloan runs the 180-cow Townlaw Holstein herd with parents Bryce and Anne and wife Emma. In 2011, the farm switched to robotic milking with a new purpose-built shed. In 2016, the Sloans established Darnlaw Jerseys to fulfil a specialist Jersey milk contract from milk buyer Graham’s Dairy.

The 60 cows are run as a separate herd. They are milked twice a day in the original parlour and summer grazed.

  • Year-round calving
  • 205ha
  • Milk sold to Graham’s Dairy
  • 180 Holsteins, yielding 11,980kg, 3.99% butterfat and 3.13% protein
  • Somatic cell count 116,000 cells/ml
  • Calving interval: 427 days
  • 60 Jerseys yielding 7,115kg at 6.02% fat, 4.01% protein
  • Somatic cell count 79,000/ml
  • Calving interval 394 days

The 2019 winners open day at the Sloan's family farm will take place on 28 April 2021,