11 Sep 2020

New, lower price of PCR testing for BVD

The Cattle Information Service are pleased to be able to offer PCR testing for BVD at the new lower price of £25.00 per sample for individual or pooled milk samples due to the ability to now test in-house.

The laboratory, based in Telford, has received UKAS accreditation for the detection of BVDV through Bovine blood, plasma, serum, ear notch tissue and milk (pooled and individual) samples which means that we can pass the saving from out-sourcing on to our customers.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is an effective way of detecting virus in bulk tank or pooled samples. It is a very sensitive test which can be used on many sample types including milk, blood, serum, plasma or ear notch tissue.

To find out more, contact your Area Manager or call 01923 695319.