24 Nov 2021

Farmer Focus: J Bargh & Son, Bentham, Lancaster

The Greystonegill pedigree herd of Holsteins and British Friesians have been milk recording with CIS for eight years with support from CIS Area Manager Sandra Atkinson.  The farm, run by James Bargh, is located near Bentham, North Yorkshire and milk record using the DIY system on a six-weekly basis.  In recent years they have been milk pregnancy testing and really rate the Pregcheck service as it causes no stress to the cow at all and is convenient.

The farm operates a grass-based grazing system which James describes as a low input, medium output option.  The herd are milked twice a day in an old abreast parlour and fed silage and concentrates in the winter.  Calving takes place all year round, breeding enough replacements for the dairy herd with the rest bred to beef.

James uses Pregcheck on all served animals in milk, and has found the results to be spot on in the years he has been using it.  The test also helps him save the cost of regular PD sessions with his vet. From timely breeding to pregnancy confirmation to successful calving, PregCheck is a non-invasive hassle-free milk pregnancy test based on ELISA technology that detects the presence of Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs) in the milk sample. It has a 98% level of accuracy and the first test can be used from 28 days after service to identify open cows and 60 days after calving.   Results will be positive, negative or recheck, with rechecks (inconclusive tests) free of charge.

Results from PregCheck, Milk Recording and Health Testing services used by James are accessed online using the secure online YourHerd portal and MobileHerd app.  The free MobileHerd app also enables herd and individual animal information to be accessed when out and about with the herd.