29 Oct 2019

ICAR Certificate of Quality

The International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) is the global standard for livestock data. CIS has been awarded the ICAR CoQ since it began in 2006. The CIS laboratory was added to this in 2013. As a requirement of ICAR, the Cattle Information Service (CIS) undergoes regular audits to ensure on-going compliance to the standards and ICAR guidelines. This includes a consultative review every three years and a full audit every five years.

On the 14th to 15th March 2019, the five-year full audit was conducted at Speir House in Telford. The areas audited were as follows:

DP – Data Processing
ID- Animal Identification – dairy cattle
LM – Laboratory analysis – milk analysis
PD – Production recording – milk (cattle)

This was a highly successful audit to which CIS was awarded full approval of the ICAR Certificate of Quality once again. The auditors report included the following:

“CIS offers high quality of services and fully respect and are in conformity with the ICAR guidelines, EU legislation and other international and national standards. The organisation delivers excellent services and are focused on efficiency and quality. Further, there is a lot of effort to improve the services further and are fully aware of the demands of farmers/customers and the possibility of new techniques and developments.”