01 Jun 2016

CIS Milk Recording Leads to High-Status Awards

CIS Milk Recording Leads to High-Status Awards

Awards such as the Lifetime Production, the Superior Performer and Star Brood Cow Awards can be presented automatically to CIS milk recording customers who register with Holstein UK.

The Superior Performer (SP) and Lifetime Producer (LP) Lifetime Production Awards are issued automatically to those herds which join the scheme. When Holstein UK receives the completed 305-day lactations from CIS, they are checked for eligibility and the awards are made accordingly.

When a cow receives an LP100 Award, the owner will receive the Gold Ribbon Award where a framed certificate will be presented for the qualifying animal. When the animal reaches LP130, the customer will be entitled to a rose bowl or paperweight for the qualifying animal on application within three months of the award being received.

You can apply for the awards automatically, which incurs an additional charge, by emailing Susan Boughton at susanboughton@holstein-uk.org or 01923 695200.

The Star Brood Cow Award has a minimum compulsory standard; an animal needs three progeny classified Good Plus or better and three progeny with a production index of 100 or above and can be applied for online by logging into the members section of the Holstein UK website, clicking on ‘download files’ and ‘star brood’. If you do not have access to the website, you can contact Susan to request a star brood cow award.