11 Mar 2021

All-inclusive package for dairy herds

The Cattle Information Service (CIS) Complete Pedigree Package is the most economical all-inclusive package to register pedigree cattle, milk record and classify dairy herds.

Shropshire dairy farmer N L Ford & Son of Sandylane Farm, Prees Green joined CIS three years ago after making their homebred Holstein herd pedigree through a Whole Herd Grade Up with Holstein UK. They joined CIS as they could register their calves and apply for the passports in one simple process.

Bernadette Crayston, CIS Area Manager spoke to Anthony, “Anthony likes Pedigree Complete Package as milk recording, pedigree registrations and classifications are all covered in one cost. The main benefit of being a pedigree herd is that he now has each animals’ pedigree and family history in one place at the touch of a button, which is of personal interest to him. This, along with the production and lifetime yield figures through milk recording, are what he uses to make breeding decisions for the herd. Being pedigree does also bring a premium when selling any bulls or excess stock”.

Through CIS Pedigree Complete the herd has two classification visits a year, which Anthony finds a useful experience, the classifier is a fresh pair of eyes looking at each cows’ strengths and weaknesses, which again is very beneficial for future breeding decisions.