18 Apr 2018

First BVDFree Herd Status Launches

BVDFree Test Negative Herd Status launched on 28 March 2018, this recognises herds which have achieved two years of negative BVD testing.

Farmers registered with BVDFree England are able to apply for the new herd status once they have two years of negative BVD testing. A farmer and veterinary declaration is required before the status can be awarded, providing the opportunity to review the herd health plan and on-farm biosecurity protocols. As part of the industry engagement towards BVD eradication, vets must have completed the BCVA BVD training to complete the declaration.

Nikki Moore, Towcester Farm Vets, said: “Lots of our farmers are really excited at the prospect of being able to talk about their herd status when selling cattle. It’s great to see the BVDFree Scheme moving forward and providing value for our clients who have taken a proactive approach to BVD testing.”

For information on the CIS BVD Testing service please contact your local CIS Area Manager, view the list of contacts or call 01923 695319.

To apply for herd status, vets and farmers, can download an application form online https://bvdfree.org.uk/assets/pdf/test-negative-scheme.pdf.