CIS Laboratory

An ICAR and UKAS accredited laboratory using innovative state of the art equipment ensuring milk recorded samples are analysed uniformly extracting a wealth of information. Results help make strategic decisions about individual cows or the whole herd. Find out more... 


27 Mar 2020

Farm Movement Letter

Farm workers who need to travel to and from work are advised to have a letter explaining why they are travelling during this period of 'lockdown'. Read more...

24 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Statement

In light of new Government Guidance, it is important that The Cattle Information Service (CIS) protects the health of our employees, contract milk recorders, our customers and cons

Farmer Focus: P M Bradbury, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Second generation dairy farmer Paul Bradbury farms in partnership with his wife, Dee, and son, David, milking 130 Holstein Friesian cows under the Brookroad prefix, which calve all