1st March 2010

Preg Check

Managing the reproductive cycle on your farm

From timely breeding to pregnancy confirmation to successful calving – a critical component on today’s dairy farms.

The milk pregnancy test is based on Elisa technology and detects absence of Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs) in the milk sample. It has a 98% level of accuracy.

PregCheck Service includes:

  • Most effective in regular milk recording herds with accurate breeding and service data
  • Least invasive pregnancy testing
  • Sampling program can be during routine milk recording
  • Up to three tests may be defined per service – post service, mid term and pre dry
  • First test must be more than 35 days after service and 60 days after calving
  • Results may be positive, open and recheck
  • Rechecks free of charge
  • Access results through Your Herd (www.thecis.co.uk)