1st March 2010

Mobile Herd

Data on the Hoof - Collecting Herd Management Data amongst the Cows.

If you want a quick, simple and easy way to add events and view animals in your herd, then look no further.

Mobile Herd is a service which has been created to allow farmers and users to access animal data and record information on the go.

MobileHerd Iphone App:

  • Securely download herd information to your iphone
  • View animal records at the touch of a button
  • Add individual animal events, as they happen
  • Links to breed societies and BCMS, are available
  • Synchronise MobileHerd data, with central database
  • View day to day reports for animals which are due to calve, serve, PD or dry off
  • Internet connection is only required for synchronisation
  • Available for free on the iPhone from the App Store