1st March 2010


The new GenoCIS Service offers genomic testing for herds from a DNA sample for females of any age any breed.

Genomics helps identify the animals with the greatest potential in the herd and can verify the parentage of the animal.

The technology enables dairy cows to be bred to their potential and develop strong traits such as longevity, fertility and disease resistance.

GenoCIS includes:

  • Genomic indexes, parentage and genetic traits.
  • Blad, dumps, coat colour, polled and fertility haplotypes.
  • Sire discovery, if the sire is genotyped
  • Parentage validation, if sire and dam are genotyped

Additional options include:

  • Beta Casein A2, CVM and Brachyspina.
  • Extend parentage check using Micro satellites
A full list of further tests available on request.