1st March 2010

Cell Count

The CIS Cell Count Service helps pin point the high cell count cows in the herd to avoid penalties.

Cell Count monitoring is important because if the number of somatic cells increases, milk yield is likely to fall. This is primarily due to the damage of milk-producing tissue in the udder caused by mastitis pathogens and the toxins produced, particularly when epithelial cells are lost.

CIS Cell Count service includes:

  • Postal service for samples to help keep costs to a minimum
  • Collection service available using one of the CIS Milk Recorders to take samples and deliver to the lab
  • Results turned round within 48hrs
  • Butterfat & protein analysis included upon request
  • Paper reports available by fax or post
  • Reports available online to view from mobile, tablet or desktop
  • SMS alert to mobile when results published online