The CIS Genomic service enables you to identify you best future herd through hair and tissue sample of your female animals.

Genomics helps identify the animals with the greatest potential in the herd ensuring you can match your breeding decisions to the goals of the herd.

The results give you the potential to develop traits such as longevity, fertility and disease resistance.

Genomic testing is available for Holstein, Friesians and Jerseys.

CIS genomic tests includes:

  • Genomic production, type and management traits
  • Results for BLAD, dumps, coat colour, polled and fertility haplotypes
  • Parentage validation, if sire and/or dam are genomic tested

Additional options include

  • Results for Beta Casein A2, CVM and Brachyspina
  • A full list of other trait tests available on request

The Genomic service is also available as a gCOMPLETE service including milk recording, registrations, type classification and heifer genomic tests.

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email