Welcome to The Cattle Information Service (CIS)

Information Service (CIS)The CIS is farmer-owned and farmer-controlled. Involving all the leading cattle organisations, our objective is to improve standards of service, accuracy and value throughout all dairy herd management information practices.

Online services reporting

Once your CIS account is set up you will have available a wide variety of CIS reports. These reports help you pin point specific trends in your herd. Reports are available in digital or print format.

Below is a list of the CIS reports available. You can choose which reports you wish to receive - you may even like to receive additional copies of the same report, for example - an extra copy for the Herdsman. For this, there is no charge. 

CIS offer a web based platform Your Herd and a mobile platform Mobile Herd available as iPhone and Android App to access animal data and record information.

To view a description and an example report click on the report title. 

If you wish to speak to a member of the CIS team call 01923 695319 or email info@thecis.co.uk

CIS YourHerd User Guide

Click on the image below view and download the CIS YourHerd User Guide.












CIS also have available Mobile Herd to access animal data and record information whilst out and about on the farm.  CIS MobileHerd is available as iPhone and Android App.