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02 Aug 2017

Optimise profitability by identifying open cows easily and effectively

Dairy farms can optimise profitability by shortening the calving interval and reducing the number of days that cows are open. The easiest way to accomplish both goals is the IDEXX

Farmer Focus: Gilmour Lawrie – Sandyford and Myremill Farms near Ayr

Known locally by hundreds of school children KitKat farmer, 4th generation farmer Gilmour Lawrie has the oldest pedigree Ayrshire herd in the world. Gilmour, his wife Caroline and

01 Aug 2017

Calling all Welsh dairy farmers who do not yet milk record...

Milk Recording from less than 55p* per cow per month Cofnodi Llaeth o lai na 55c * y fuwch y mis

24 Jul 2017

EU Funding for Welsh Dairy Farmers up to £750

It has been announced that EU funding is being made available to Welsh dairy farmers to help with the introduction of farm management tools such as milk recording. The milk record

11 Jul 2017

Current Hot Topics surrounding the prevention and treatment of digital dermatitis

Digital dermatitis (DD) is no new disease and is found in the majority of UK dairy herds, yet our understanding of it continues to grow. Here we discuss some of the latest developm

10 Jul 2017

Farm Focus: Jon Barber, Friend Farms Ltd, Market Drayton

Oakley Park Farm near Market Drayton is contract farmed by Jon Barber and Rob Wain (Herdwise) who have recently transferred his milk recording and health testing services to CIS. M