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04 Jul 2018

Genomics in Cattle Breeding

Cows are made up of trillions of tiny cells and each one has a bit of DNA inside. The DNA carries the instructions or code on how to build muscle, bone and even produce milk. Read

01 Jun 2018

Johne’s Classification Rule Changes

As of 1st June 2018, the CIS Johne’s classification will be updated in line with industry changes. Read more..

23 May 2018

Welsh BVD Eradication Programme

Welsh BVD Eradication Programme, read more..

30 Apr 2018

How to Tag and Test with BVDFree

The BVDFree Tag and test video has been launched

18 Apr 2018

First BVDFree Herd Status Launches

BVDFree Test Negative Herd Status launched on 28 March 2018, this recognises herds which have achieved two years of negative BVD testing.

15 Apr 2018

CIS customer does his bit to save the planet.

CIS customer Bryce Cunningham does his bit to save the planet. Read the online article published by Scottish Farmer.