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06 Feb 2017

The Last 45 Years

A lot has changed in the last 45 years, milk was 5p per pint, a pint of beer 20p and to buy a mobile phone you would have needed £2,300! Liz Brown, CIS Regional Manager for Scotlan

05 Feb 2017

Diversification at the farm gate

The Crickmore family have been farming the land at Fen Farm for three generations and believe they have rediscovered something that many have forgotten. That the very best food in

02 Feb 2017

CIS Strengthens its Milk Recording Team with New Assistant Area Manager

The Cattle Information Service (CIS) is thrilled to welcome new dairy expertise to its team with the appointment of Amanda Wilkes as Assistant Area Manager.

24 Jan 2017

Scottish Dairy Herd Analysis Show Unexpected Results

The Scottish dairy herd analysis produced by the SDCA for 1st. January 2017 compared to 1st. January 2016 show not unexpected results. The net number of dairy farms in Scotland ha

07 Dec 2016

Cattle Health and Welfare progress welcomed by Chief Vets

The latest state-of-the-industry report examining the health and welfare of cattle in Great Britain. For this year's report, The CIS have contributed data relating to udder health.

Testing for Johne's Disease

Johne’s disease is a fatal wasting disease of cattle, and is an increasing problem on farms across the UK. Dan Humphries from Leonard, Lambert & May Farm Veterinary Surgeons gives