23 May 2018

Welsh BVD Eradication Programme

What is Gwaredu BVD?
Gwaredu BVD is an Industry led programme (funded by the Welsh Government Rural Development Programme (RDP)) aimed at eradicating BVD in Wales.

Why should you get involved?
BVD is a costly disease, impacting on your farm’s efficiency levels and reducing the standard of your herd’s welfare. Gwaredu BVD gives you the opportunity to protect both your herd and your production.

How it works?
5 unvaccinated animals (9-18 months) from each management group are blood tested to identify whether they have been exposed to BVD.
Initial testing is free. If the virus is identified, further support will be available to find the persistently infected (PI) animals via your vet, which should then be removed to eliminate the risk to your herd.

How to get involved?
• Ask your vet to test.
• Ask your vet for the results.
• Work with your vet to promote and protect your herd health.

For any more information contact the Gwaredu BVD team on:
T. 01554 748576
E. gwaredubvd@colegsirgar.ac.uk
W. businesswales.gov.wales/farmingconnect/gwaredu-bvd

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VIEW the Welsh BVD Eradication Programme FAQ