03 Aug 2018

Tesco introduces new measures for producers to test for IBR and Leptospirosis

Tesco are introducing measures for all their producers to do quarterly bulk milk testing for IBR and Leptospirosis. The Cattle Information Service can test for both these diseases from one bulk milk sample and results can be returned within one week. In addition, you can have individual cows screened at routine CIS milk recordings. 

Infectious Bovine Rinotracheitus (IBR) is an acute diseasecaused by type 1 bovine herpes virus (BHV-1) and affects the upper respiratory tract, which can lead to fatalities through the development of pneumonia and can also result in abortions and neonatal mortalities. Animals can overcome IBR with an effective immune response, however they will remain latently infected throughout their lives and can continue to shed the virus when stressed. It is an infectious condition (transmission by air but close contact necessary) and can be imported to a clean herd by the introduction of infected stock. It can also spread in the semen of infected. 

Leptospirosis (Lepto) is an acute bacterial infection, the most common strain in the UK is L. hardjo which is found in cattle and sheep but can transmit to humans. L. hardjo tends to localise in the kidneys and reproductive tract of cattle. Because of this, it is thought to have a negative effect on the fertility. Lepto not only affects the fertility of cows but can also cause a dramatic drop in milk yield with milk appearing thick and yellow, mastitis and raised temperature. 

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