12 Feb 2018

Registration: Why should I register calves?

Registration helps inform future decisions on individual animals and the overall herd to support improving herd quality and strengthen the herd generation on generation.


  • Increased value, registered cattle consistently sell for higher prices than non-registered
  • Breeding information to identify the best cows in the herd
  • Control the risk of any potential in-breeding within the herd
  • Certificate in digital or print format to link to BCMS and ear tag

Registration of calves needs to be completed within 45 days of birth; however, it is possible to register after 45 days.

The participating breed societies are Holstein UK, British Friesian, Ayrshire, Jersey and Guernsey.

Registration can be completed online or by phone:

  • Online – WebReg
    To register online visit www.holstein-uk.org/web-reg  Using your prefix and a PIN supplied when you first sign up for registrations.
  • Phone – TelReg
    Call the Freephone number 0800 980 8565 from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.  All you need is your PIN, prefix and postcode.  If you are new to registration our team will help you get set up and provide you with a PIN.

Registration Extras

  • Transferring animals into your ownership can be done on receipt of ear tags numbers
  • BCMS Passport can be applied on behalf of members at the point of registration at no extra cost.
  • Registration of any ET (Embryo Transfer) calves provided parentage validation is available.
  • Male calves and imported animals can also be registered

Passport Applications

Passport Applications for England, Scotland and Wales are now available via telephone registration for both pedigree and non-pedigree animals.When applying for passports, it will be necessary for you to provide:

  • Dam’s current full eartag number
  • BCMS breed code you wish to use on the passport application

A signed agreement form is required to enable Holstein UK to process your passport application.

Important: All applicants for passports must be advised by telephone or registered on the internet no later than 14 days


Registration includes a certificate and a paperless option is available at a discount against the standard cost which allows you to download via the website.