01 Jun 2018

Johne’s Classification Rule Changes

As of 1st June 2018, the CIS Johne’s classification will be updated in line with industry changes.

CIS currently use the RAG system which we will continue to use, however going forward there will be one less green score and one more amber score.

These changes support the management of high risk cows as part of Johne’s control plans and will help you identify animals in the herd with problems.

The changes are:

  • Currently A2 cows are classified as Green even though they have had a positive test result in the last 4 tests.This doesn’t fit with what we know about the disease.Although we can’t be absolutely sure that she has Johne’s she should definitely be treated as a risk, so she shouldn’t be Green.In the new system A2 will be classified as Amber.
  • Currently to become ‘Red’ a cow has to have two consecutive positive test results (>0.03).Now she will only need 2 positive test results in 4 to become ‘Red’. Once she is ‘Red’ she will stay ‘Red’ for the rest of her life.

New classification table

On completion of your next Johne’s testing programme you are likely to see changes in the number of red and amber cows.  Don’t worry if you see increase in red and amber cows, this is to ensure they remain a focus as part of your Johne’s management plan.

A notification has been sent to retailers and milk buyers of these changes and the impact this may have on your number of red and amber cows.  Vets have also been informed so they can continue to provide you with the best ongoing advice.

If you have any queries please contact your CIS Area Manager or call 01923 695319