11 Mar 2017

Discover how to make your grassland perform better!

With 65% of utilisable agricultural land in the UK being grassland (nearly 57% of that permanent pasture) it makes sense for all UK farmers to pay more attention to their fields. As we all know, good quality grass is the cheapest feed for ruminant animals and is the base on which profitable farming is built.

The costs of grass
A good crop of silage costs £30.00 per tonne and hay £75.00 per tonne and even grazed grass costs £15 per tonne.  Most of these costs are unavoidable - rent or equivalent, fertiliser, machinery costs, fuel and other overheads.

So if it costs £30.00 per tonne to grow a good crop of silage, imagine what the costs are to grow a poor crop. The fixed costs per tonne remain the same but with potentially fewer productive grasses, the overall yield is lower and silage costs are unnecessarily high.

How does this help farmers?
Farmers are used to looking at the condition of their stock with most using the 1 to 5 condition index as a way of monitoring their stock of dairy herd.

We're using this same principle to monitor agriculture pasture and grass swards, with 5 being a good sward, highly productive, and 1 being a field that needs ploughing out.

  •  Improve your profitability
  •  Understand your grassland
  •  Unleash the power of grass
  •  Reduce unnecessary chemical costs

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Want to see and hear the advice on how to accurately and quickly score your grassland and boost productivity?
Our helpful video will guide you simply into how to score your agriculture grassland and pastures.

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