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26 Jul 2018
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New Autumn Calving Index to be launched in August

A new Autumn Calving Index (£ACI) has been developed by AHDB Dairy to help producers breed cattle suited to autumn block calving systems. 

12 Jul 2018

Summer 2018: Hot weather and potential risks to livestock health and welfare

Temperatures during June 2018 rose well above average in some regions of Great Britain (GB), with the Meteorological Office recording well below average rainfall levels. Read more.

04 Jul 2018

Farmer Focus: M & MB Davies and JM & BS Jones, Monmouthshire

For over 25 years Jeff and Sian Jones have been farming at Storefield Farm near Magor, Monmouthshire. They farm around 200 acres overlooking the Severn Bridge and Bristol Channel

04 Jul 2018

Genomics in Cattle Breeding

Cows are made up of trillions of tiny cells and each one has a bit of DNA inside. The DNA carries the instructions or code on how to build muscle, bone and even produce milk. Read