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Information Service (CIS)The CIS is farmer-owned and farmer-controlled. Involving all the leading cattle organisations, our objective is to improve standards of service, accuracy and value throughout all dairy herd management information practices.


07 Dec 2016

Cattle Health and Welfare progress welcomed by Chief Vets

The latest state-of-the-industry report examining the health and welfare of cattle in Great Britain. For this year's report, The CIS have contributed data relating to udder health.

Testing for Johne's Disease

Johne’s disease is a fatal wasting disease of cattle, and is an increasing problem on farms across the UK. Dan Humphries from Leonard, Lambert & May Farm Veterinary Surgeons gives

02 Dec 2016

Farmer Focus: Abi Reader

Opening her farm to the public is something Abi is keen to do as part of her drive to educate, engage and enthuse consumers about farming.

Farmer Focus: Stephen Bone

5 years ago, Stephen decided to start regular milk testing with the intention of identifying the level of Johne’s in the herd with the long term aim of controlling and eradicatin