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Information Service (CIS)The CIS is farmer-owned and farmer-controlled. Involving all the leading cattle organisations, our objective is to improve standards of service, accuracy and value throughout all dairy herd management information practices.


BMC 2016 delegates: Helping Shape the future of Dry Cow Therapy

Anonymous survey of farmers attitudes to selective dry cow therapy

21 Nov 2016

Time is running out for free data uploads to BVDFree England’s database

English cattle farmers have until the end of the year to benefit from free uploads of BVD test results to the BVDFree England database.

03 Nov 2016

gCOMPLETE for the future

gCOMPLETE for the future Taking forward the family business, which his father Martin started from scratch, is the aim of James Evans of Priddbwll Mawr, Llangedwyn, near Oswestry.

01 Nov 2016

The Value of Pedigree

Q & A with Mark Davis, Kivells. We spoke to Mark Davis from Kivells to find out the value of pedigree in animals going to market. Mark, who operates from the Exeter Livestock Ce