View AnimalsPrint Details14 of 14NORTH YORKSHIRERobert 07752510905 stock and rearing bulls for sale, from deep pedigrees bred in a UK Premier Herd
View AnimalsPrint Details18 of 18CORNWALLm 0000000000000 
View AnimalsPrint Details14 of 14CORNWALLRob Haworth 01288 331474Excess stock May 2013
View AnimalsPrint Details2 of 2CUMBRIARichard 07833447511/ 01697476267Cows and heifers sold fresh calved
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1FIFEGordon lyle 07740766466Fresh hfrs for always for sale. BVD IBR LEPTO vaccinated, level 2 johnes
View AnimalsPrint Details2 of 2LEICESTERSHIREtrevor 07795065442pedigree british freisian's heifers calving march 2017 onwards in calf to british freisian .
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1LANCASHIRE07985129611tennyson son out of 4 gens ex 3yrs old ex90
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1LANARKSHIREWilliam Adamson 01899308357 John 07889647120Well grown with good feet and legs
View AnimalsPrint Details3 of 3WEST LOTHIANJim/Harry Meikle 01506811311/07928305578PEDIGREE BRITISH FRIESIAN YOUNG BULLS, EX DAMS
View AnimalsPrint Details4 of 4WIGTOWNSHIRENorman Vance 0779650177210 Friesian In-Calf Heifers due to an Aberdeen Angus Sep-Oct. from a long established closed Herd, grazed giving 8,000+.all are IBR, BVD, Lepto vaccinated. These Heifers are sired by a 100% Friesian Bull.
View AnimalsPrint Details7 of 7ABERDEENSHIREGavin 07708883810Herd avg.12000kg. Sold due to surplus. BVD,IBR,LEPTO vaccinated.
View AnimalsPrint Details23 of 23CUMBRIAGeoff Wilson 01768 351872 / 07977094033All cows sold fresh calved.
View AnimalsPrint Details14 of 14WARWICKSHIREAlan Simpson 07976 306847 bred ready to use british friesian bulls, female stock also available catlane herd
View AnimalsPrint Details13 of 13NORTH YORKSHIREAndrew 07740929102Well bred bulls for sale 10000kg herd average
View AnimalsPrint Details2 of 2WILTSHIREChris Elmes 07872 665896Swallowdale and Crystal bulls both by Baxter born 2008 - one from the Blackrose family, and a red Baxter from Sara family - 10,000kg herd.
View AnimalsPrint Details4 of 4LANARKSHIREAlan Clark on 0794660227920-30 Fresh heifers and cows for sale. Pedigree and high health. TB 4. Herd average 10,600.
View AnimalsPrint Details18 of 18LANCASHIREDavid or James 01995 640209Service Age Well Bred Bulls for sale from the Bilsrow Herd
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1CHESHIREJohn Porter 01270 583325 Mobile 07778 930627Working age bull for sale out of integrity dam with 110 tonne granddam from 7 gens vg and ex
View AnimalsPrint Details3 of 3CUMBRIAMark Dent 07966 158860Beef X Bull Calves, Non Ped Bull Calves, Beef X Heifer Calves
View AnimalsPrint Details8 of 8CUMBRIAAndrew - 01229 869428Pedigree Bulls for Sale, range of ages: see our website for more information or give us a call
View AnimalsPrint Details29 of 29CORNWALLPam Coryn or John Pollard - 01841520163. Dawn - 0797744991499% available for sale, including Embryo's. Good health, cubicle housed. BVD & Lepto vacc. In calf to Top AI Sires. All types, from herd heifers to show heifers.
View AnimalsPrint Details4 of 4CUMBRIAJohn Brough 07702756792Looking to sell a batch of 15 in calf heifers mainly due to sexed (puzzle, Lausmart or saloon) then ran with sweeper bulls. Many dams and family members in milking herd. Pre movement tb test not a problem.
View AnimalsPrint Details18 of 18DEVONRichard Thomas 0779050049020 Holstein in calf heifers. Due Nov - Feb Aberdeen Angus & Holstein. Pre-movement tested and ready to go.
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1NORTH YORKSHIRESam Howarth 07885487178British Friesian bull High type from a grazing herd. Quiet and halter trained. 18 months old Ready to use high health status TB 4 area
View AnimalsPrint Details4 of 4CUMBRIARennick Thompson 0783023672712000kg Herd Av. Sold as seen or Fresh Calved. Springfield, Bigrigg, Egremont, CA22 2UT
View AnimalsPrint Details2 of 2DORSETJames Macpherson 07796681346 / 07855483640Pedigree Friesian bulls for sale 'Beaufort' herd. Ready to work. Excellent traits.
View AnimalsPrint Details2 of 2NORTHUMBERLANDAlasdair Smith 07967 64788110 well grown heifers for sale. Mostly from 10,000 litre dams and bred from the Hilltop herd.
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1CHESHIREJames Lomas 078039330382 young black bulls just reaching serving size for heifers.
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1DEVON01752695945KIVELLS
View AnimalsPrint Details2 of 2DERBYSHIRERichard 0797 111 8737 scott3068@gmail.comFor sale run of heifers born November thru to Mid March due to loss of summer grazing ground. All BVD tag and tested Herd avg 8700 4.06F 3.26P... Heifers average £323 PLI ... sires include Balisto, McCormick and Lamar
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1DORSETStephen Persey 01308867040/ 07535948343Freshly calved cows and heifers available from 10,000 litre herd. Alta sires. BVD/Lepto vaccinated. TB free herd.
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of 1HAMPSHIREKate Robinson- 07789530730 
View AnimalsPrint Details1 of GENETICS - Embryo(s) For Sale sired by Bomaz Topshot. Elite £PLI Statistics.